Ornamental Cages for Reptiles and Different Unique Animals

My identify is Jay W. Nelmes, I used to be born in Petropolis Brazil in 1965. Though I didn’t reside there lengthy, I keep in mind sufficient of this lovely nation that it has at all times intrigued me. My older brother John Charles is 16 years older than I’m, so he had the chance to discover the jungle very often and acquire Butterflies in addition to an enormous array of different bugs which he mounted in glass body instances. His assortment was fascinating and impressed me into the world of entomology.

With my try and imitate my brothers work, it was to no avail. His strategies with the usage of steam to open up there wings, and different strategies to preserving them was one thing I by no means discovered. We each departed when he had gone to England whereas I moved to the US in 1970 at yrs. of age.

Throughout my later childhood I nonetheless collected bugs with the try and imitate my brother however by no means achieved the flexibility to take action. I then turned interested in the Reptile & Amphibian World since this started to intrigue me.

I started to construct my first primitive cages for my first lizards which had been anoles at age 14. The reptile world at the moment was not frequent. So discovering any at a pet retailer was not likely accessible. The fish and fowl world at all times appeared to be accessible, however not the reptile world, which made it all of the extra fascinating to have and study.

Through the years I discovered drafting, carpentry and electrical. I acquired married to my spouse Tinamarie, and it was on our honeymoon the place I discovered she cherished these kind of animals after we introduced dwelling an Iguana on the practice again dwelling in CT in a Styrofoam cooler.

My spouse turned unwell for a number of years shortly after our marriage. That is when I’ve centered my expertise as a craftsman in fabricating ornamental cages. for the reptile world since all the things was centered on Birds & Fish. There appeared to be a requirement for appropriate housing for Reptiles so my mission was to channel my energies in direction of this subject.

This allowed me to be dwelling to look after her. I’m glad to say she is doing nicely and has been my assistant now for over 25 years. We now have traveled to over 36 states now delivering these enclosures for Residential, Museums & Universities even celebrities.

Every of those enclosures are hand crafted and designed particularly for the animal's wants. These enclosures are particularly suited to housing reptiles as a result of I’ve designed these to allow them to comprise massive swimming pools of water. Most of those enclosures are normally personally delivered and arrange by me together with inside settings as a whole system.

And better of all, the upkeep is fast as a result of it comes geared up with a simple rinse & flush system.

Since 1997 we’ve been constructing and delivering these cages setting them up all around the USA.


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