Feeding Bearded Dragons: The Significance of Dietary supplements

On the subject of feeding bearded dragons, most know they’re omnivores, thus requiring bugs and veggies to satisfy their day by day food regimen. Nonetheless, many homeowners are unaware of the necessary function that nutritional vitamins play of their pet’s well being. Dragons want a gentle dose of calcium and multi-vitamins to maintain them as wholesome and powerful as doable for years to come back.

Calcium Feeding

Calcium is probably the most very important vitamin to your beardie’s well being. It’s calcium that’s wanted to maintain their bones sturdy to forestall metabolic bone illness. That is additionally the rationale we purpose for high-calcium greens when feeding our lizards, and gut-loading our bugs. It’s also the rationale we have to provide UV lighting.

You possibly can both “mud” your bugs by placing them right into a bag a with a pinch of the calcium and shaking evenly, or you’ll be able to sprinkle some onto the greens.

Infants – As soon as a day

Juveniles – four to five occasions every week

Adults – four to five occasions every week

Multi-Vitamin Feeding

Multi-vitamins are used to make sure your pet is getting a well-rounded vitamin consumption, in case the meals you might be offering is missing. These nutritional vitamins additionally are available in powder type, the identical as calcium. It’s to be added to both the crickets or the greens in the identical vogue as described for the calcium complement, however much less often.

Infants – three to four occasions every week

Juveniles – 2 to three occasions every week

Adults – 1 or 2 occasions every week

It is very important notice that each the multi-vitamin and calcium dietary supplements shouldn’t be utilized in the identical feeding. Sure nutritional vitamins throughout the multi-vitamin will bind to the calcium, rendering it ineffective to you lizard, because it will be unable to soak up into the bones.

Including these very important vitamins when feeding bearded dragons may take a pair additional minutes, however will make sure you pet is getting the best possible vitamin doable. Each the calcium and multi-vitamin dietary supplements could be bought for round $5 – $7 every, and final fairly a very long time because of a little or no going a great distance. My jars normally final near a 12 months, so the added value is minimal. You could find these dietary supplements at most pet provide shops, or you’ll be able to get them organized on-line. You’ll most likely discover a higher worth on-line, however watch out for overpriced delivery prices, which can make the general worth greater than the shops cost.


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